Polynesian Lodge Experience

Entrust us with your property…

Dear Owners, you have one or more properties to rent but you want to keep control of your accommodation?

Polynesian-Lodge-Experience is there for you. Our service company specializing in the coordination of seasonal rentals offers several formulas adapted to your needs. Compared to a classic long-term rental, our offer provides four distinctive advantages:

1) the possibility through owner access to enjoy your property whenever you wish by reserving the dates of your stay directly on the calendar.

2) the management of the maintenance of your property with small regular repairs allowing it to remain functional longer and appreciated by customers.

3) the receipt of substantial income throughout the month, which is often higher than that of a long-term rental.

4) the benefit of a payment gateway linked specifically to your property. You receive all transaction amounts directly and instantly in your bank account.

We are pleased to offer you the choice between several formulas that are adjustable according to your needs.
  • The "CONNECT" formula consists of listing your property on our selective site to enhance it. You will receive all the necessary elements for each transaction to welcome your host in the best conditions. You can also choose the "ALL CONNECT" option to link your ad to the five largest seasonal rental sites from the Polynesian-Lodge-Experience site: (Booking, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Abritel, etc.). This significant advantage allows you to increase the visibility of your property, which will be accessible worldwide while benefiting from transaction optimization. The Polynesian-Lodge-Experience site supports automatic synchronization of the reservation calendar which avoids overbooking.
  •  The "LIBERTY" formula. You have already referenced your ad on seasonal rental sites and that suits you. Polynesian-Lodge-Experience offers you this formula with an additional concierge service. This allows you to keep control of the choice of travelers and entrust the organization of their reception to our team of professionals. We take care of the entrances and exits, the organization of cleaning services, gardening and swimming pool maintenance. We also involve service providers for minor repairs and we restock basic products whose availability is often highly appreciated by customers: oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, shower gel and shampoo, etc. In the event that more extensive work is to be expected, we provide quotes from different companies, giving you the benefit of discounts linked to our professional status. Our goal is to make your life easier by leaving you the last word on the choice of the speaker. An additional option, "SELF MENAGE", can also allow you to independently manage the cleaning service by involving a person of your choice.
  • The "FULL LIBERTY" formula combines the two previous formulas. You benefit from the freedom to enjoy your property at any time of the year because you can reserve it via your owner access account. We take care of marketing, referencing, customer reception, and the operational organization of the property (cleaning, gardening, swimming pool, small jobs). You also benefit from the choice of the “ALL CONNECT” and “SELF MENAGE” options. With this formula we offer you comfort in the administration of your property and you receive directly on your account the amount of the reservations.

Owner caretaker service

Our caretaker is there to satisfy customers and ensure that their stay in your property is a great experience.

As soon as our customers book your property, the accommodation will be optimized according to their needs. The caretaker's office realizes the entrances / exits of the customers.

At the entrance we provide a practical guide of your property made by us, the caretaker orients them on the environment close to the resort.

At the exit, she reports to customers any inconvenience they may have encountered and sends this information to the Polynesian-Lodge-Experience technical department, which processes it as quickly as possible. Showcase of our company to customers, it must forge a special bond with them. She answers their least questions 7 days a week, involves a service provider if a breakdown occurs during their stay so that they can continue to take full advantage of the rented property.

It checks that no equipment has been damaged, in which case, after analysis by the technical department, any damage charged to the customer's deposit. Following the EDT electricity company and WATER statement, if overconsumption appears, the additional cost will be deducted from the deposit.

It produces an anomaly report that will be visible in your owner space.